Wait for it...

The deadhorse hill team in Worcester is opening simjang, a Korean-American restaurant, this fall. We asked chef Jared Forman a few questions about it.

72 Shrewsbury St. Worcester
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GATEWAYS: Why Korean food?

Jared Forman: Eating at a Korean restaurant in NYC or LA is all about fun, community, and family. We want to bring those aspects to simjang. It’s going to be a place you go to have an amazing and different experience, not just a place for great food…like a crazy party that anyone’s invited to attend.

GATEWAYS: Besides your restaurants, where should someone visiting Worcester go eat?

JF: Volturno is one of our go-to places, either for a couple of pizzas or a full Italian meal. Kummerspeck is delicious, staffed by some very talented people. Pomir Grill and Red Pepper are my favorite ethnic spots. For the sweet stuff, The Queen’s Cups and Wooberry are great.

GATEWAYS: What is the best thing about the Worcester food scene?

JF: Our expectation levels are our own. We can do whatever we want and not worry about a particular food critic or being forced to buy inferior products because crazy high rent is eating up our budget. We buy incredible local milk and eggs, the best chocolate, local produce and meats, and we can afford to serve them at reasonable prices. We cook to make our guests and ourselves happy.